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What is Aminophylline?

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Aminophylline and the Cellulite Removal Benefits


Aminophylline was originally a Broncholator used in the treatment of asthma and a lot of other respiratory diseases.

Aminophylline It is a so called dihydrate which means the compounds are able to dry water and fluids from places were it is administered, like for example human skin.

A great benefit with Aminophylline cream is that it is able to penetrate deeply in to the skin, deeper than many other compounds that are being used in for example cellulite reduction and removal like Retinol.

This means if you use Aminophylline as a topical cream and administer on an area with cellulite it will penetrate deeply into the skin, attract the fat cells to that area and start a dry out process of the fat cells so they will decrease in number and size.

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The only problem with this method is that you have to do it on constant basis over a given period of time in order to get permanent results, else the fat cells will regain life and come back in the original size and numbers.

The Life of a Fat Cell

Fat cells pretty much acts like all other cells and tissue on the human body, if they get broken or damaged they will start a renewal process to regain life, just like if you cut your finger and the wound starts a healing process.

This method works extremely well on the so called cellulite problem areas like thighs and buttocks on women.

Areas where it is extremely difficult to get of the body fat with a regular diet and exercise routine.

The reason for this may lie in that those areas are genetically extremely important for women, for being able to carrying children.

By nature a woman with plenty of “protection” fat on hips, thighs and buttocks a better capable of protecting her unborn child than a women that is practically only skin and bones.

The only problem for women is that the body fat on those areas will not disappear by itself after child birth.

Aminophylline especially found in creams with other components such as the important caffeine to increase blood flow in those cellulite areas, have shown to be the best treatment option if you want to get rid of your cellulite.

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Procellix Aminophylline Cream Your Solution for Cellulite

If you are interested in a cellulite removal cream that contains Aminophylline you should take a closer on Procellix.

Procellix comes with a 2% Aminophylline Solution and does also contain caffeine, that is another extremely important ingredient when it comes to removing cellulite.

When you administer Caffeine together with Aminophylline on those areas where cellulite occurs you will be able to increase the blood flow by so to speak energize the fat cells. But Caffeine also has a diuretic effect by drying out the fat cells by minimizing the sodium/potassium levels.

One last very important ingredient that is needed if you decide to use Aminophylline as your preferred cellulite removal option is Aloe Bardensis Gel, that start the restoration process of broken skin and tissue so your skin on those areas will start to look nice and smooth again.

Procellix contains all these important ingredients for getting rid of your cellulite and to start a skin restoration process. Using Procellix on those areas you will almost feel like a newborn child.


Removing the Root of the Problem

But remember it is important the you remove the root of the problem, and that is to change your diet and cut away all the unhealthy fat that could trigger the fat cell regain life option, which you really do not want to when you first start to see some good results.

For a limited time if you live in Canada or the United States you can try out Procellix and Aminophylline cream for yourself so you can feel all the benefits on your own body. You just need to click on the link below to star your risk free trial of the most effective cellulite removal solution.

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