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What is The Best Cellulite Cream?

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The Best Cellulite Cream
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The Best Cellulite Cream


When you are looking for a cellulite cream to effectively remove your cellulite around areas like buttocks, hips and thighs, there is no doubt that the best cellulite cream are the ones that contains Aminophylline and caffeine, preferable from Guarana extract that have shown to be up to 7 times stronger than the caffeine from coffee beans.

We are not talking about drinking coffee and your cellulite will disappear but administer it on your skin as a topical cream on those problem areas where cellulite occur.

When the caffeine penetrate into your skin and get in touch with the fat cells that are the real cause why you are having cellulite in the first place, an increase in blood flow amongst those cell will occur and that will decrease the occurrence of your cellulite dramatically.

There is nothing new in the use of Caffeine for cellulite removal, but earlier it was used together with Retinol which is widely used in Cellulite creams today.

The only problem with Retinol is that it is basically only consist of animal vitamin and only has a topical effect on your skin and is not able to penetrate deeply enough into your skin and do something about your fat cells.


Why Aminophylline?

Then a much better option is to pair the caffeine with a compound called Aminophylline, that consists of all the abilities we so badly need when it comes to the removal of cellulite.

Aminophylline is highly diuretic which is a strong force when we want to remove cellulite, because as stated earlier that cellulite problem is not in your skin, but in your fat cells that are pushing against your skin from the inside and that way are causing the cellulite.


Benefits Using a Caffeine Aminophylline Solution

With the diuretic capabilities of Aminophylline it is able to penetrate into your skin and dehydrate your fat cells so they will lose fluid and start to decrease in size and later on in numbers, so when you combine that with caffeine you have a very strong cellulite removal solution there with no doubt is the best cellulite cream you can get on the market.

Critics of the Aminophylline and Caffeine solution states that these ingredient only are moving the fat cells around for a limited time only and then they will come back after a few days and look exactly the same as it used to be.


What You Have to Be Aware of In Order To Make It Work

But here we have to remember that fat cells as you may know already can be very stubborn and persistent because they are coded by our genetics to stay alive to protect us against hunger.

The Aminophylline combined with Caffeine option will help you to reduce your occurrence of cellulite, but you have to do this treatment over a certain period of time in order to get the everlasting results. Normally you would be able to see some good results all ready after one weeks use.

If you are more interested in this solution to get rid of your cellulite you should take a closer look at the cellulite cream called Procellix. We have a complete review regarding the many benefits using Procellix cellulite cream here.

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